WhatsApp will begin sharing user data with Facebook



Ever since Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014, users have been worried about privacy. WhatsApp has largely remained separate from Facebook, but that is about the change. In a blog post, WhatsApp has announced plans to share user data with Facebook. The data includes phone numbers, profile photos, names, and more.

WhatsApp claims that the shared information will allow them to offer better friend suggestions and more relevant ads. They also use the example of a bank sending a message when your account has been hacked, or airlines sending notifications about delayed flights. These examples may sound familiar if you’ve used Facebook Messenger bots.

The good news is you can opt-out of sharing your information with Facebook. Before you agree to accept the updated Terms of Service, tap “Read.” You’ll see an option to uncheck a box next to “Share my WhatsApp account information with Facebook…” If you skip the Terms of Service, you can go to Settings > Account > Share my account info and uncheck the box.

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