The Alexa-infused TCL Xess is the 17.3-inch tablet your kitchen needs


Android tablets are a dime-a-dozen these days, but the new TCL Xess sets itself apart by offering a 17.3-inch display, a stylus, 3-watt JBL stereo speakers, a built-in kickstand and handle for easy carrying. If all this sounds a bit familiar, it’s because the Xess was introduced at CES this year under TCL’s Alcatel OneTouch brand.

So why is the Xess being re-introduced? TCL has partnered with Amazon to infuse Alexa into the Android operating system. Since the Xess is marketed as a countertop tablet for the kitchen, adding Alexa makes perfect sense. Users will be able to talk to the TCL Xess just as they would with the Amazon Echo. But Alexa on a tablet works even better since it can display content on the tablet’s screen as well. The Xess is the perfect cooking companion since you can use it to watch a cooking video, browse recipes, ask Alexa different measurement conversions or catch up on your favorite TV show while cooking a meal you’ve cooked a thousand times.

The TCL Xess is currently selling on Amazon for $499.99. While that price is quite high when compared to other Android tablets, the Alexa integration and the included IP security camera definitely make the Xess an appealing option.

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