The latest Google Maps beta update adds a few new features and prepares for more


Google Maps is the most important application on the Play Store when it comes to making sure that you get to the right place at the right time. This is part of the reason why Google is continuing to make small improvements to the app and add functionality that is not available via other mapping applications.


The new update to the Google Maps beta application includes three “major” changes while putting the pieces in place for a future update. The first of these is the ability to start your travels within Satellite Mode, which may not be the first thing folks think about, but is a convenient option nonetheless.


The next addition helps improve your experience when checking out new restaurants. Now, you will be able to see whether a restaurant has been mentioned in other articles or lists. This will help determine whether you should check a restaurant out, or keep on driving for the next one.

Finally, Google has made adding a stop to your route a bit easier. Previously, you could search for a location and add it to your stops, but this was a bit precarious due to the placement. Now, the “Add Stop” option is a big blue button which should make it easier to select the right option when planning your travel routes.

What’s new:

  • Toggle to always start in satellite mode
  • “On these lists” section for some restaurants
  • Refreshed look for Add Stop screen

As for what is coming in the future, Google has added lines of code which appear to show plans to showcase various hotel deals. It’s unknown when Google will integrate this service, but being able to check hotel rates while planning your trip will definitely save you time, and hopefully some money.

The latest update continues Google’s quest of turning Maps into the quintessential directions service on the market. Although these updates are currently in the beta version of the app, there is a chance those running the stable version may not see these new features. 

[Android Police]

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