Samsung Galaxy S8 testing could begin as soon as January


How far off are we from seeing the Samsung Galaxy S8? It’s natural to assume that the company will stick to their early Spring trend that we’ve been seeing as of late, but things seem a bit confusing on the rumor front.

Yesterday, Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung was looking to delay the phone for a month, but it wasn’t due to a much-needed extension on their QA process — it’s to make a last-minute change that would add a dedicated hardware key for the forthcoming voice assistant made by the company.

But according to The Investor, Samsung is on track to begin unit testing as soon as January, as an unnamed investor at one of Samsung’s key suppliers noted that that’s when they’re required to ship their parts to Samsung. This has been the timeline for previous launches, so one would assume that means March is still a go. That’s not to say Samsung hasn’t altered their plans

That’s not to say Samsung hasn’t altered their plans, of course, as they may still need the parts for prototypical and preliminary testing while they finalize their plans. All of this is to say that it’s still too eary to be saying anything in a definitive manner about the Samsung Galaxy S8, and things will stay that way until the new year rings in.

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