HTC’s Black Friday starts today


Black Friday is approaching fast, and HTC seemingly doesn’t want you to have to wait for a great deal. The company is offering up a nice perk for Team HTC members: Black Friday deals starting today!

Kind of ironic, because  it’s not Black Friday. It’s not even Friday. But who’s keeping score? All you have to do is sign up for Team HTC and they’ll email you a coupon code within 24 hours to get some of their products at their Best Friday prices, including up to $200 off devices like the HTC 10 and HTC One A9. You’ll need to hurry, though, because the early access period ends November 14th.

HTC-10-Review (20)

Being an HTC Team member seems to come with even further benefits, too. Sharing stuff, buying stuff, and referring friends to buy stuff from HTC will earn you Perks, and those can be redeemed for free coffee, HTC products, downloads (of what, we’re not sure), and what have you. Head here for more details and to sign up if you’re interested.

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