LastPass no longer requires a subscription to sync passwords across devices



LastPass is one of the best password managers available for syncing passwords across multiple ecosystems like Android, iOS, and Windows/Mac/Linux. Now the service just got better, as they’ve removed the subscription requirement for syncing your passwords across all your devices.

While the $1 a month premium tier is still around, it unlocks other features aside from syncing passwords to unlimited devices. Those features include family sharing with up to five members, PC fingerprint identification, no ads, priority tech support, and 1GB of file storage all for a buck a month.

So why the reversal in charging for syncing? LastPass founder Joe Siegrist says the state of security on the web is still pretty abysmal and by making this feature free, perhaps a better security foundation will begin to form for most people who use the web.

We want to empower our users to take back control of their online security, and no longer feel powerless against the next wave of breaches. The more convenient we make password management the better we will be able to solve this problem. We want our users to bring LastPass with them everywhere – including the workplace because accessing the sites, apps, and services you use every day doesn’t end because you checked in at the office.

[via LastPass Blog]
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