Xiaomi Mi Mix shows why tiny bezel displays aren’t a great idea


The Xiaomi Mi Mix was unveiled back in October and the stunning bezel-less display took the Android world by storm. It’s highly reminiscent of the Sharp Aquos Crystal that first debuted back in 2014, but Phone Radar’s hands-on with the device is quick to remind us why a display with no bezel probably isn’t a good idea.

Phone Radar explains that they were in the process of shooting hands-on video with the device, having it placed about a foot above a hard surface on a box. The device fell forward and seems to have struck the floor from about a foot up on its corner, sending a crack spidering through the screen and leaving a very nasty dent where the device struck.

While the screen still works and the device is still operational, it’s a little disconcerting that all it takes is a one-foot drop without a case for the device to see significant damage. Still, that bezel-less display looks great, when it’s not broken.

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