Looks like those who exchange the Galaxy Note 7 are sticking with Samsung


The entire Galaxy Note 7 debacle put a huge dent in Samsung’s wallet and possibly affected the branding that the company had created. Everyone knows the Galaxy lineup, but after devices started burning, there were some concerns that the incidents had damaged the previously sterling reputation.

In a conference call with media outlets, the CEO of Sprint stated that customers aren’t shying away from Samsung. Instead, “most of them are basically switching to a Galaxy S7”. There are a few reasons why this may be happening, instead of jumping ship to another Android manufacturer or iOS.

Loyalty is huge, and it seems that Samsung’s good will on the matter has managed to keep most of its customers. Plus, it helps that Samsung has offered an extra $100 to customers who swapped the Note 7 for a different Samsung device.

The same seems to ring true for T-Mobile as COO Mike Sievert explained to Recode that “many customers are sticking with Samsung”. However, the Sievert also stated that there are enough users switching to iOS or other Android devices to warrant another look at the numbers.

We’ll have to wait and see how Q4 2016 shapes up for Samsung, but it seems they are already diligently working on the Galaxy S8, which is expected to be announced at Mobile World Congress in February.



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