Google drops another Pixel ad named “Freedom by you” [VIDEO]


This isn’t the last that we’ve heard from Google in terms of the Pixel and Pixel XL, as we are expecting the ad campaign to continue on with full steam.

The above quote is something we mentioned when Google published its previous series of Pixel and Pixel XL ads. And as expected, Google did just that as it has released another ad for its latest devices.

This latest ad, titled “Freedom by you” is a shortie, as it measures in at only 30 seconds. The ad also reverts back to the new opening segment where the search bar outline turns into the outline of the Pixel.

We are shown a gentleman standing on top of a motorcycle with “Devoted” by Brook Benton playing in the background. After the Pixel is outlined, the device comes into the forefront showing us the man dropping down onto the motorcycle.


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