Scalpers in Hong Kong are still selling the Galaxy Note 7



Over the weekend, Engadget’s Richard Lai tweeted out a photo he took of a phone scalper’s shop in Hong Kong, where several rows of Galaxy Note 7 devices are lined up on display and definitely for sale. The yellow sticker plastered on the front of the case says “Samsung Note 7 Dealer Goods: Special Offer” in Chinese.

At the time, Lai didn’t ask the shop owner how much his “special price” was for the discontinued phone, but today he went back and found that the scalper is selling the devices for HK$5,980. That’s about $770 in US dollars. That special price isn’t so special when you consider the device’s off-contract price was $799 when it was revealed.

Obviously, the scalper is trying to get his money’s worth from these devices, but it just goes to show that there are Note 7 devices available if you’re brave enough to purchase one. (Don’t do that.)

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