The Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge launches next month


Samsung’s Blue Coral Galaxy Note 7 looked awesome, but with that device exiting the production cycle, it seems Samsung has a whole lot of coral blue paint to use, so they’re getting the ball rolling on a new color variant of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

galaxy-note-7 (3)

The Coral Blue Galaxy Note 7 is spotted in the middle here.

After seeing the rumored color option before, Samsung Singapore has confirmed that the device will be available starting next month. That expectation is only guaranteed for Singaporean customers right now, however we have heard murmurings of more widespread availability of this model before with a Verizon model being spotted in leaked photos.


Blue Coral is a more muted tone than the Really Blue Google decided to use on their Pixel phones, but for some people that may be more desirable. What do you think? Does it look hot or not? Would you buy one if you were in the market for a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

Quentyn Kennemer
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