LG did everything it could to make sure the LG V20 wouldn’t burst into flames


We all know what’s been going on with Samsung and what happened with the Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately, there aren’t many other companies that would be able to withstand such a blow to their stock or customer approval and keep on trucking.


A new report from The Korea Times explains the rigorous testing that LG put its latest device, the LG V20, through in an effort to make sure everything would be a-okay. The report shows that the V20 was subjected to 60,000 different validation tests, which resulted in the device meeting the military-standard drop test.

Some of these tests included drop tests onto a steel bar, while others included dropping a steel ball onto the display of the V20 to see what would happen. Once the first series of tests were executed, the device was then put on the assembly line where it went through a series of tests on the user interface.

What’s important to note is that although just about every device is assembled with robots, some of these validation tests were performed by a human for accuracy. LG is also reporting that it is currently manufacturing an average of 4,000 LG V20’s per day although the assembly lines can manufacture up to 5,000 per day.

Of course, there are some bad eggs, and there can be faults in the process, but seeing over 60,000 tests performed on a device is pretty impressive. That’s not even mentioning the military-standard drop test certification. We’ll see if the V20 stands up to the everyday person once the device becomes available to everyone, but things are looking good so far.

[Korea Times]


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