Samsung employees are worried about losing their jobs following Galaxy Note 7 crisis


It’s not a fun time to be a Samsung employee. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was not only the worst recall situation in the company’s history but might be the most notable and widespread recall in the world of personal electronics. This one is on Toyota levels of big.

That’s why it doesn’t surprise us that some Samsung employees — those fixated in the company’s mobile division, naturally — are feeling a bit uneasy right now. New reports are flying in that employees are in a fearful state right now.

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Some are prepared to lose their large bonuses they’ve been getting due to helping the mobile division return to profit growth. Others are worried that they’ll be out of a job altogether.

Reuters reports that the feeling around Samsung’s headquarters is gloomy and that there’s talk around the watercooler of major restructurings both on the executive and on the ground levels.

On Samsung’s part, they say that they have no “major” plans to restructure following the incident, though that’s largely due to the fact that they’re still dealing with the aftermath of the recall. Samsung still has to figure out why they couldn’t fix the phone’s issues after 2 separate attempts, and they have to make sure folks still using the phone today are turning them in to ensure no further safety issues.

It may be that Samsung can’t simply blame one or more individuals — or even an entire group — without knowing what, exactly, went down. Was it the battery makers’ fault? Did they receive faulty materials from component suppliers before making those batteries? Was it something to do with the way the semiconductor group fabricated the motherboard which regulates power usage?

We simply don’t know the answers to those questions right now, and until Samsung can figure it out they don’t seem interested in playing the blame game or making impulsive decisions about the future of their company.

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