Google releases the official Tango app onto the Play Store


Not much has been said about Project Tango since Lenovo announced the Phab 2 Pro earlier this year. Granted, the device has yet to be released and is expected to be available sometime next month. In preparation, Google is on a roll today and has released the Tango application onto the Play Store.


For those unaware, Tango uses three different pieces of information to create various experiences in both Virtual and Augmented Reality: Motion tracking, depth perception, and area learning. Once this information is tracked and logged, you will be able to experience the world in ways that you thought weren’t possible, but there’s an issue with this. There are no devices available (yet) that actually integrates Tango into your smartphone experience, so it’s a little difficult to see if there’s a real impact to be made on the market.


Regardless of that, Google has released the official Tango application onto the Play Store, so that once the PHAB 2 Pro is available, those interested in Tango can jump in immediately. As you would expect, nobody can download this app onto their devices due to incompatibility, but at least we know that Google hasn’t just killed off Tango and left it in the wind.

As someone who experienced Tango in person, it’s definitely something that seems like a gimmick, but the possibilities are endless. Here’s to hoping that the PHAB 2 Pro doesn’t just crash and burn, or Google revisits Tango partners to see if other manufacturers can integrate the right hardware/software combination.

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