Misfit’s hybrid smartwatch can last for 6 months without a charge


Misfit today announced a new smartwatch. Well, it’s more of a regular watch with smart features. It’s the Misfit Phase, an analog watch with actual hands and such. It dons a minimalist style which — on the surface — only stands to tell time.


However, the watch does have some smart features. Fitness tracking is one, which will track your steps, calories, distance, and sleep, all of which can be reviewed in their fitness app.

More than that, though, is their unique take on notifications. Alongside a vibration motor that will buzz your wrist whenever something comes in, you can customize an LED light and even set up specific positions for the watch’s arms to show you what, exactly, has come in.

For instance, a text message could make the LED light turn blue and make your watch hands move so that the clock display midnight. You can have more combinations for other types of incoming calls and notifications, too. The watch can even be used as a meter to show you your workout progress — a 3:15 position would indicate that you’re 25% through a workout, while a 3:30 position means your 50% of the way.


The Phase also has a button on the side that can be used to do things like control music, take a selfie, and more. Most interesting, though, is that this thing’s battery lasts so long that it isn’t rechargeable. It can go for 6 months on a fresh battery, after which you can swap it out for a new one. It’s not quite as lengthy as less functional options, but for all you’re getting it sounds plenty.


Misfit will let the Phase go for $175 for the sport strap options, though you’ll be able to get a leather band model for just $20 more. Pre-sales begin November 7th and you can sign up here to be reminded.

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