More rumors suggest the Galaxy S8 may include the iris scanner from the Galaxy Note 7


Samsung is working extremely diligently to turn things around with the Galaxy S8 after the debacle that was the Galaxy Note 7. We’ve seen reports suggesting that the company has issued a gag order to employees and suppliers in an effort to keep the device under wraps, but more info continues to come out. Previously, we’ve seen a few rumors and reports which suggest that the Galaxy S8 will feature a dual-camera setup including a patent that was filed by the company.

galaxy note 7 iris scanner

The latest report from Korea Herald seems to confirm this rumor yet again, while giving everyone an idea as to another feature that will be included on the new device. When the Galaxy Note 7 was released, one of the big features that were included was the iris scanner which was embedded into the front of the device to add another layer of security. It seems that Samsung will be including this on the Galaxy S8, which isn’t all that surprising as the company usually uses the Note lineup to test out new ideas before moving them to the other flagship devices.

The biggest reason for the addition of the dual-camera setup and is to increase the revenue of the suppliers for both the rear and front camera modules. It’s also being suggested that Partron and MCNEX, the companies that provided the iris scanner for the Note 7, will also provide the new sensor for the Galaxy S8.

All in all, the Galaxy S8 is turning into another powerhouse device that will rule the market in 2017, and we can only hope to continue to see leaks come out ahead of the release. We are still expecting for Samsung to make its announcement of the Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress 2017, which would keep in line with previous announcements of the Galaxy flagship lineup.

[Korea Herald]


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