Verizon’s LG V20 arrives October 20th online


Waiting for a chance to buy your LG V20 from Verizon? The company hasn’t yet made it available for pre-sale, but that’ll change starting October 20th when the device appears on their website.

There are no further details right now, including its retail price or when, exactly, it’ll ship to your doorstep. We do know that the company will have units in-store a week from Thursday, though, so perhaps the wait won’t be too long.


Of course, LG will have a lot to contend with at Verizon that day as that’s the very same day Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL — which are Verizon exclusives in the US — launch. And from some of the early reviews we’re reading, those phones may be in very high demand.

That said, if you’re already looking toward LG’s way for your next smartphone then perhaps it won’t be such a hard decision after all. Be sure to wake up bright and early October 20th to ensure your order gets in.

[via Droid-Life]

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