AT&T may stop carrying the Galaxy Note 7 altogether


This may be one that Samsung can’t bounce back from. After all 4 major US carriers announced that they would begin allowing owners to swap their replacement Galaxy Note 7s for any other device, a new report from Bloomberg suggests that AT&T may halt sales of the device altogether.

Most of the original defective devices have been returned and exchanged as Samsung scrambled to replace any devices affected by faulty batteries within the Galaxy Note 7. However, after a report that stated a replacement Galaxy Note 7 caught fire and began emitting smoke before a Southwest Airlines flight took off is causing some concern. This has prompted folks to ask whether a second recall is in order, one of which would definitely put the final nail in the coffin for this year’s Galaxy Note phablet.

Keeping customers safe from faulty devices is of the utmost importance for carriers and manufacturers, but if Samsung can’t get things right, AT&T may just take things into its own hands. This would be unprecedented which could be made even worse if the other major carriers in the US follow suit, rendering the device unobtainable.

We’ll have to see how this plays out, but Samsung may end up needing to rely on more than its mobile chip division to help the company bounce back in Q4.



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