Top Android stories of the week (October 7th)


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Here’s what you picked as your favorite news stories for the week:

#10 – Pixel and Pixel XL prices

43 likes – Ahead of the official announcement, Verizon accidentally published the listing for the Pixel and Pixel XL. The listing showed off the different pricing options for both devices with the exception of the 32GB Pixel XL.

#9 – Google launch expectations

43 likes – With the Google product launch event looming, Joe from Phandroid took a look at what to expect from the event. From Andromeda to a new Chromecast and the Pixel devices, Joe picked apart and settled all of the rumors leading up to Google’s event.

#8 – Andromeda Dev Preview

43 likes – Another rumor that made its rounds ahead of the Google Pixel event was in regards to a new operating system that may replace Android in the future. Dubbed “Andromeda”, this new OS was rumored to make its debut at the Google event with a developer preview to be released in November.

#7 – Action Launcher 3 shortcuts

43 likes – Chris Lacy has pushed an update to Action Launcher 3 which includes some quick shortcuts that were leaked along with the Nexus/Pixel launcher. These shortcuts allow you to access various features within applications such as Play Movies.

#6 – #MadeByGoogle

44 likes – Ahead of the big event, Google wanted to tease everyone one last time with a tweet that stated “We’re not saying anything until tomorrow. #madebygoogle”.

#5 – Pixel vs iPhone 7 Camera

45 likes – During the Google event, it was announced that the camera found on the Pixel was rated by DxOMark with a rating of 89, making it the highest rated smartphone camera ever. This was put to the test as Phandroid was able to test out the Pixel camera against Apple’s iPhone 7 camera, which was ranked 87 by DxOMark.

#4 – Pixel storage

46 likes – Although devices are advertised as having a certain amount of storage, that number is actually smaller due to the operating system, pre-installed apps, and more. The 32GB Pixel was found to have about 23GB of usable storage which isn’t surprising considering the changes made to ensure that Google’s seamless updates are reliable in the future.

#3 – Google Camera manual controls

47 likes – The Pixel and Pixel XL were leaked by a few carriers and online shops ahead of the official announcement but one of the images used showed that the new Google Camera app would include manual controls. This has been a highly requested feature for quite some time and it turns out that Google has finally added this feature in.

#2 – DressCode Malware

47 likes – Android is no stranger to malware, but a new version has affected over 400 apps on the Play Store and is named DressCode. This malware enables your devices to leak sensitive data outside of the protected networks without your knowledge.

#1 – Pixel and Pixel XL early reveal

49 likes – Carphone Warehouse really screwed the pooch in the hours leading up to the Pixel and Pixel XL unveiling, as they published the listing for both devices. The listings showed the full specs as well as press images and confirmed the leaks that had been coming out in the weeks leading up to the event.

What’s YOUR top news item for the week?

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