Console Stealth Action Sequel, Hitman: Absolution, Hits NVIDIA SHIELD


As Summer comes to an end, the lineup of games available to stream free with a GeForce NOW membership on NVIDIA SHIELD becomes even more enticing with today’s arrival of Hitman: Absolution. Here are three big reasons why SHIELD owners will definitely want to play the critically acclaimed fifth major installment in Square Enix and IO Interactive’s stealth action franchise.

Striking HD Visuals and Action

One of the things that most impressed PC gamers when they first got their hands on Hitman: Absolution was the quality of the game’s visuals. Developer IO Interactive built Hitman: Absolution from the ground up to take advantage of their second-generation proprietary graphics engine, Glacier 2. From the detailed environments, realistic character models and animation to the cinematic visual effects and art direction, the game is a graphical tour de force and far in advance of any of the previous four chapters in the series. Bear in mind that streaming the game through GeForce NOW enables you to experience Hitman: Absolution at its best. Available to stream at up to 1080p running at a smooth 60fps this is without doubt one of the best-looking titles available on the service.



Gripping Storytelling

Fans of previous games in the Hitman series will find the story of Absolution one of the most compelling yet as Agent 47 finds himself becoming the hunted as well as the hunter. Following the apparent betrayal of Agent 47 and the destruction of the International Contract Agency by 47’s handler Diana Burnwood, the ICA is hastily reformed and Agent 47 is sent on a mission to assassinate Diana and retrieve and important agency asset, in this case a teenage girl named Victoria. However, it turns out Diana has been protecting Victoria and when Agent 47 pledges to do likewise he is branded a traitor by the ICA. It’s a smart premise leading to a game of constant tension and high levels of paranoia. The scripting and Hollywood standard voice acting also contribute to the feeling that this is a truly cinematic experience.



Assassination Reimagined

Hitman: Absolution’s gameplay is also something of an advancement over the previous games. IO Interactive were keen to make its gameplay more accessible to a wider audience while retaining many of the hardcore features that made the series so successful in the first place. Absolution offers the player far more freedom in how they approach the challenges set. A gung-ho approach is not something that is discouraged. Indeed, if you want to you can wade through the levels taking out your enemies with a deliciously vicious variety of tools, be they firearms, garrotting wires, bricks and bottles. In fact you can even poison drinks, set off explosions or cause an environmental feature to collapse. Any number of things can be utilized in distracting and damaging your foes.

Those players of a stealthier disposition can use disguises to melt into the crowd and avoid conflict in favor of covertly approaching the mark. When using stealth, Agent 47 can access Instinct Mode, which allows him to predict enemy movements and gain mastery over his weapons to a higher level.

Hitman Absolution is now available to stream on NVIDIA SHIELD via GeForce NOW. A GeForce NOW membership is absolutely free for the first three months and costs $7.99 a month after that.

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