Samsung sees progress in returned Note 7s and has distributed over 1 million replacement units


The Galaxy Note 7 saga seems to be coming to a close. Sure, we’re seeing more devices pop up that have exploded or overheated, but those seem to be Samsung devices other than the Note 7. Regardless, the exploding Note 7’s are getting returned to the company and Samsung has started shipping and distributing replacement devices to carriers and users across the world.

In fact, according to a report by Reuters, there are now over 1 million Galaxy Note 7s that are being used which feature the new battery. Which is quite a feat for a company that was forced to scramble and recall over 2.5 million devices after more and more reports of exploding devices were discovered.


This isn’t to say that there still aren’t some problems for the South Korean giant as there have been some reports of exploding Note 7s in China, the world’s biggest smartphone market. But it seems that these devices do not have faulty batteries and Samsung is working on conducting investigations to see exactly what is causing the issues in China.

Furthermore, Samsung is expecting to have more than 80% of recalled devices received by October 1st in South Korea, which is the date the company is planning to reopen sales of the device. The company has resumed posting TV advertisements in the company’s home country as it hopes to rebound from the disaster and kick the holiday season off on a right note.

It’s good to see Samsung winding down in terms of having to deal with this saga, but as a friendly reminder, if you haven’t returned you Galaxy Note 7, head over to your local carrier and do so ASAP.

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