Sep 29th, 2016


It’s been awhile since we last heard from Google and the big Android Wear 2.0 update they have planned for their smartwatch platform. Although that’s not always a good sign (look what happened with Project Ara), it appears Google has had their head down working on an exciting new features left out of their Google IO announcement: Android Wear 2.0 will bring access to the Google Play Store, directly from the watch itself.

This is pretty big news as users will be able to browse Android Wear specific apps, watch faces, and possibly even games straight from their watch. As we start seeing more cellular enabled watches come forth, this is starting to make a lot of sense.

The platform’s 3rd developer preview is ready right now — along with the Android Wear Google Play Store — with one more preview before the official update it passed onto manufacturer’s for distribution. Pretty exciting stuff, especially if you plan on nabbing one of those new watches with e-SIM built-in.

[Android Developers Blog]

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