Sep 27th, 2016

Galaxy-Note-7-review (11)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users have had a while to exchange their device for a new phone or a refund. The big questions about this recall have always been about how Samsung will recover. Will users trade for a different Samsung device? Will they wait for the new Note 7? Or will they give up on Samsung completely? We’re finally seeing some stats that answer some of these questions.

Here are some stats from a survey in the U.S. that had over 500 participants.

  • 35% are getting a full refund
  • 26% are getting an iPhone
  • 21% are getting a new Samsung
  • 18% are getting the new Note 7

Granted, 500 people don’t represent the entire country, but it is a pretty good sample size. What about the rest of the world? Samsung has released some global numbers. They claim that 25% of Note 7 owners have chosen a refund. 90% of customers who have chosen to get a replacement have walked away with a new Note 7. Over 60% of Note 7 devices in the U.S. and Korea have been exchanged.

Where do you fall in these statistics? Are you surprised by any of the numbers?

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