Google could be testing Andromeda (Android + Chrome OS) on the Nexus 9


It’s long been rumored that Google is working on a hybrid OS that’ll see Android and Chrome combine to become a super mobile OS, and it seems we’re barrelling toward a revelation by the company. After teasing that we may here about their first efforts with Andromeda on October 4th, evidence shows that the company is already testing the OS on existing devices.

References to Nexus 9 testing in AOSP’s code suggests Google is testing Andromeda on the tablet. There’s no telling whether Google would look to make Andromeda available for older devices or if they’re simply using the Nexus 9 as a test vehicle until they can get the first prototypical champion device in production.

If you’re not aware, Andromeda’s goal will be to provide a more PC-like user experience for tablet and 2-in-1 devices that are becoming increasingly popular. We’re still not exactly sure what Google will emphasize in that regard, but we’re assuming a desktop system with multiple windows and superior multi-tasking capabilities are at least in order.

Beyond that, what Google would need to combine Android and Chrome to achieve that is beyond us, especially considering third-party companies are already forking existing versions of Android to create desktop-like experiences. Will this simply be Google’s own-built Remix OS with official Google Play support, or can we expect something truly revolutionary? That’s a question we’re hoping Google is looking to answer once October 4th hits.

[via 9to5Google]

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