New renders of the Chromecast Ultra appear ahead of next week’s announcement


We hope you’re ready for the ride that this next week will be bringing as we get more information regarding the various devices that will be unveiled at Google’s event on October 4th. This morning has already been chocked full of different pieces of information about the upcoming “Andromeda OS”, but we are also expecting a slew of new products from the big “G”.


The latest leak comes again from @evleaks and is in regards to the new “Chromecast Ultra” which will be the third iteration (or 4th if you consider the Chromecast Audio). The changes include removing the “Chrome” logo from the front and replace it with the “G” that we’ve been seeing appear on the upcoming Pixel and Pixel XL.

The new Chromecast Ultra will have the ability to cast in 4K-video and will be priced at $69, according to previous leaks. As for any additional capabilities, we haven’t seen much in that regard which makes us question why the device will be priced double of the current generation Chromecast ($35).




October 4th is shaping up to be a huge day for Google, Android, and the future

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