12 Capital One credit cards can now be used with Samsung Pay


Capital One was one of the very few remaining major banks who hadn’t yet gotten on board for Samsung Pay. Well, that finally changes today, with the company making a number of their cards compatible with the service.

There are 12 different cards you can sign up with. Here they are:

  1. Capital One® Venture®
  2. Capital One® VentureOne®
  3. Capital One® Quicksilver®
  4. Capital One® QuicksilverOne®
  5. Capital One® Platinum
  6. Capital One® Journey®
  7. Capital One® Secured Mastercard®
  8. Capital One® Spark® Cash
  9. Capital One® Spark® Miles
  10. Capital One® Spark® Cash Select
  11. Capital One® Spark® Miles Select
  12. Capital One® Spark® Classic

If you have anything else from the company then you’ll need to continue to use your existing payment methods. You’ll need to download Capital One’s Android app and sign in as the card registration process will verify things through their app.

Once you have that taken care of, though, you should be well on your way to using supported Galaxy phones to pay for your goods, including the Samsung Galaxy S6, Edge S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus, S7, S7 Edge, Note 5, and Note 7. Grab Samsung Pay here if you don’t already have it.

[via Samsung]

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