Is your Nexus 5X randomly rebooting after upgrading to Nougat? You may have to return it


Well, this isn’t good. Users are reporting that their Nexus 5X units are starting to randomly reboot after having received the upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat. You’ll likely have some quick questions, so let’s jump right into what we know so far:

  • How many people are affected? According to a Googler, a “very small” amount of Nexus 5X users are experiencing these symptoms. It doesn’t sound widespread even if the vocal minority makes it sound that way.
  • What’s causing the issue? We’re not sure, but Google did confirm that they have identified the issue in question.
  • How do you fix it? You can’t. Apparently, this is “strictly” a hardware issue that can only be resolved by going through the warranty and repair process.

Attempts by community members to fix the issue include a complete wipe of the cache and a factory reset of the device. The problem also persists in safe mode on fresh factory resets. It sounds like you’ll have a hard to kicking this bug if it’s afflicting you. Let us know whether you’re experiencing these issues on your Nexus 5X straight ahead.

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