Google Now on Tap has been renamed to “Screen Search,” Now Cards renamed “Feed”



The latest update to the Google app beta includes a few rebranding changes to major features. Version 6.5 of the app changes the name for Google Now on Tap and Now Cards. Now on Tap is called “Screen search” while Now Cards is simply called “Feed.”

Google Now on Tap was one of those features that looked really cool in demos, but not many people actually use it. “Screen search” is a much more descriptive name for the feature. The name change will hopefully make more people notice the feature in settings and learn how to use it. “Feed” is also a better name for the Now Cards that show up on the Google app home page.

Joining the name changes is the new “In Apps” mode that was first seen on the LG V20. The In Apps shortcut can be pinned to the home screen so users can quickly search within apps. The In Apps search is basically like using the Start Menu search in Windows. It searches inside of apps for anything that matches your search. Things like bookmarks, Drive files, contacts, books, and more.

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