Samsung to reopen sales of the Galaxy Note 7 starting on September 28


The saga seems to be coming to a close and will hopefully be over in just another week or two. After issuing an official recall of the device, Samsung is prepping devices to be delivered to carriers and customers replacing the defective Galaxy Note 7’s that are still wandering around. In fact, Samsung is even gearing up to re-open sales of the device in South Korea.


A report from CNN Money claims Samsung will begin selling the device in South Korea on September 28th and “in other countries when conditions allow”. Considering that Samsung just filed its official recall of the device, and even issued an apology, the company may have more than a few hurdles before being able to reopen sales here in the States.

The report also claims that although affected 0.1% of devices sold worldwide, the recall has “wiped billions of dollars off the South Korean firm’s market value.” This will probably feel like a drop in the bucket once the Holiday season kicks into full gear, but it’s definitely been a black eye for Samsung, and one they are hoping to put behind them.

If you want to double check to see if your Note 7 needs to be replaced, be sure to check out Phandroid’s guide on what to do.

[CNN Money]


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