Samsung launches an official site to see if your Galaxy Note 7 needs to be replaced (and an Android app, too)


A while ago, it was discovered that Samsung had a website which would let you input your device details to see if it had an issue. The problem is this website wasn’t meant to be used for the ongoing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall. Samsung even had to redirect people to their general support website to keep people from trying to check their devices using the form.

But with yesterday’s official recall going underway we have a more formal and official method of checking devices. For starters, the main website Samsung is using to communicate about the recall has been updated with a form where you can input your device’s IMEI or serial number. Input the details, and it’ll tell you whether your device has a problem. Samsung has also updated their support app Samsung+ which offers up the same functionality in more convenient form for those who are mobile.

This is all mostly a formality at this point as Samsung’s recall covers all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units sold through official retail channels, but it might be worth checking anyway just to see if your device’s status is different than what’s expected.

For instance, over 1,800 people in China have Galaxy Note 7 units which are affected by the issue despite a bulk of the Chinese inventory using batteries known to be safe. Quirks are quirks and you don’t want to be surprised at any step of the way throughout all this. Check your device as soon as possible.

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