First shipment of Canadian Galaxy Note 7’s don’t include differentiating indicators


Earlier, there were reports that Samsung would be including a green battery indicator of new Galaxy Note 7’s to help users differentiate between good and defective devices. It seems that Canadians and Verizon Wireless customers may be the first to receive the non-defective replacement devices, but these may not include any differentiating indicators.


Image courtesy of Mobile Syrup

Mobile Syrup is reporting that the first batch of devices that are being received from Samsung do not include the blue “S” and instead feature the regular “S” that was on the boxes of defective devices. We can hope that this is just an oversight and things can be amended quickly. It would be rough for you to get on a flight with a Galaxy Note 7, only to get questioned about your device.

It’s possible that this goes downhill quickly for Samsung users as there’s no real way to differentiate good and bad devices from one another. Hopefully, the company can release some type of software update that will help alleviate this issue in the future. Maybe the rumor of a green battery indicator would help do some good with this issue.


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