[Update: Maybe Not] Evidence suggests Pokemon GO is getting Android Wear support


[Update]: Well, bummer. This character over at Reddit makes some pretty compelling points suggesting that the code is all 100% included to make the Pokemon GO Plus accessory work, which makes sense considering it launches in just 4 days. That said, we aren’t giving up hope of seeing an Android Wear app at some point.

If you have an Android Wear watch it looks like you may no longer need the Pokemon GO Plus accessory. New code in the latest version of the Pokemon GO app shows evidence of Android Wear support being in the works.

We imagined this feature was being cooked after Niantic had announced similar functionality for those opting for Apple’s wrist-bound wearable. Of course, Niantic didn’t announce anything as they likely had a partnership with Apple to ship the feature on the Apple Watch first.

Going deeper into the feature, it appears functionality is being prepared as it is on the Apple Watch version. The watch will alert you to nearby Pokemon even if the app isn’t open on your phone, something that should come as a bit of a godsend for those who don’t want to have their phones on every second they’re playing.

In the meantime, Niantic and The Pokemon Company are still hard at work on the other less exciting compatible wearable known as the Pokemon GO Plus which is set for a debut later this week.

[via Pokemon GO Hub]

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