Quick Look: 6 great-looking cases for the Galaxy Note 7 [VIDEO]


The world of cases is crowded with many different designs and materials. It can be hard to navigate through all the choices and find something truly unique. In an attempt to showcase some of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we’ve got a few from VRS Design to show off. VRS Design (formerly Verus) has consistently shown up in our “Best Cases” lists. Here are six cases they have for the Note 7.

Simpli Lite

simpli lite note 7

The Simpli Lite is a super lightweight case with a kickstand built in. Usually, cases with kickstands are thick and bulky, but not the Simpli Fit. It only adds 0.8mm of thickness to your Note 7 while still allowing you to prop it up and enjoy the big display. The Simpli fit is made from hard plastic with a brushed metal texture. It comes in five colors. [Buy for $21.99]

Duo Guard

duo gaurd note 7

The Duo Guard utilizes hard plastic and soft rubber to create dual-layer protection. This is probably the most rugged of all the cases in this list. The Duo Guard can protect the Note 7 against drops from over 4 feet. It adds a decent amount of thickness, but you get protection and the handy kickstand. Duo Guard comes in five colors. [Buy for $29.99]

Simpli Fit

simpli fit note 7

Simpli Fit is one of the fully flexible rubber cases on our list. It looks a lot like the hard plastic cases with the brushed metal texture, but this case is 100% TPU. It adds only 1.1mm of extra thickness and is very lightweight. The only downside is you don’t get a kickstand. It’s a great choice if you just want to cover the glossy glass. The Simpli Fit only comes in black. [Buy for $19.99]

High Pro Shield

highpro note 7

The High Pro Shield is like a mash-up of the previous two cases. It’s part TPU and part hard plastic, but not in the same way as the Duo Gaurd. Most of the back is TPU with a small section of hard plastic around the kickstand. The sides of the case are also protected by the hard plastic. This case is available in five colors. [Buy for $29.99]

Crystal Mixx

crystalmaxx note 7

If you love the color of your Note 7, but want a case to protect it, the Crystal Mixx is a good choice. This is a hard case made from transparent plastic and TPU. It’s not as flexible as the Slimpli Fit, but not as hard as the Simply Lite. The sides are thick to protect against drops and dings, plus it has the handy kickstand. It’s still a fingerprint magnet. [Buy for $24.99]

Damda Glide

damdaglide note 7

The last case is probably the coolest. The Damda Glide has a “secret” slide-out compartment on the back that can hold a credit card, personal ID, or some cash. It slides open like an old slider phone (and it’s very satisfying to play with). The compartment does make the case thick, but it also means you don’t have to carry a wallet. Damda Glide comes in 7 colors. [Buy for $39.99]

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