HTC unveils the new One A9s with worse specs than the original


htc one a9s

Last year, one of our favorite little devices was the HTC One A9. It looked a lot like the iPhone, but it had a reasonably sized display, great build quality, and nearly stock Android for a decent price. HTC announced the successor to the One A9 earlier today at IFA 2016. The HTC One A9s looks a lot like the original, but it actually takes a few steps back on the spec sheet.

The display is still 5-inches and Super LCD, but screen resolution has gone from 1080p to 720p. The processor is now a MediaTek Helio P10 instead of the reliable Qualcomm Snapdragon 617. Storage and RAM have also been knocked down. If you opt for the 16GB model you only get 2GB of RAM. The 32GB model still comes with 3GB of RAM.

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The One A9s keeps the same 13MP camera, but the new sensor is f/2.2 compared to the f/2.0 in the One A9. Front-facing camera is one of the few upgrades HTC has made. It has been bumped from 4MP to 5MP. The HTC One A9s will be launching in October, but we don’t know the price yet. With all the downgrades we expect it to cost less than the One A9 did at launch.

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