Hands-on: Hasselblad’s True Zoom Moto Mod makes your Moto Z a powerful camera [VIDEO]


Alongside the Moto Z, Lenovo took the wraps off of the latest Moto Mod to hit the scene. It’s Hasselblad’s True Zoom camera module, a 12-megapixel attachment with 10x optical zoom and Xenon flash. This is the sort of glass you’d find on a high-end point and shoot, folks.

hasselblad moto mod (9)

The mod attaches to the rear of your Moto Z device (including the Moto Z, Moto Z Force, and Moto Z Play) and uses its own standalone imaging sensors to deliver higher quality photos. Once snapped, photos are post-processed with a Hasselblad-made technique in their Phocus software. Of course, you can also choose to shoot in RAW and edit the photos on your own terms.

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Other pleasantries present include a zoom dial, a dedicated shutter button, and a grip. When attached, it truly does look and feel like a modern point-and-shoot camera, and once you’re done with the mod you can easily detach it to make it look and work like the phone you’re used to.

We love all of it, but there’s one area that might scare you away — its hefty price tag. The device will run you $299 at retail. That’s no small amount of change and is more than some of the dedicated point-and-shoot cameras it’s trying to emulate, so you’re going to have to decide whether the convenience of having one is worth that much.

Verizon will attempt to make the deal sweeter in the early going by taking $50 off your price tag, and every purchase will also come with 2 years of free Google Photos storage of original-quality photos. The device will be available September 15th, with pre-sales starting up on the 8th of this month.

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