PSA: Check your account sync settings on your Android phone to see if they’re causing battery drain


Anyone poking around the Nexus 6P section over at Reddit will have seen the many posts about shoddy battery life as of late. While many had some sensible suggestions, there was one that seems to have done the trick in solving things for many people.

Here was the user’s — /u/jaroque12 — quick take on it:

I noticed under Settings-Accounts that there were a number of sync providers that had the little sync icon next to them and haven’t been synced in a few days. Turning the sync on and off didn’t do anything. Syncing manually through that screen didn’t fix it either. I had to go into each app and sync/refresh manually, then go back to the account sync screen to make sure that the sync icon has gone away. There were maybe 6-8 of these culprits in my Google sync including Drive, Docs, Sheets, Play Books, etc.

Upon doing so, the apps were abe to sync properly, and the resulting battery improvement seemed to be near-immediate. It’s worth noting that this issue might be experienced on devices with software as old as Lollipop, though most of the users reporting this are on Nougat considering it’s a Nexus 6P-dedicated subreddit.

We’re not sure if this is the issue and whether this “fix” will work for everyone, but it’s worth looking into if your device has been on the “E” side of the fuel gauge as of late. Even if you don’t have a Nexus 6P, be sure to check it out on your own phone of choice to see if you’re seeing anything similar. Let us know your findings.

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