There’s no Galaxy Note 7 with 6GB of RAM after all


Murmurs of a 6GB RAM model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ran rampant leading up to its global launch, but those murmurings were hushed when it was revealed that the device only had 4GB inside. Then we were shown evidence that the 6GB model does actually exist and that its availability would be limited to China.

But that may not be the case, either. Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 in the country this week, and the first thing many folks were curious about was memory capacity: is it 6GB or not? Not. It’s 4GB, just like the one launched in America, Europe, and throughout other Asian countries.

What’s really strange about its absence is that Samsung came out and said that they would, in fact, be launching that model in the country, so it’s more than just an inaccurate rumor being shot down from the sky. Did they backtrack on their plans? Was a Samsung executive mistaken in their admission that they were bringing out a 6GB model? Are the plans still on and they’re just delaying the launch of the premium model for another date?

We can’t know any of these answers for sure, but we can’t say many people outside of the  Chinese hopeful are disappointed. After all, the model was going to cost over $900 in the region, and the expenses to import that beast would make its price tag look even less appealing. But if you are disappointed about its absence, let us know it straight ahead.

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