Fitbit unveils the Charge 2 and the Flex 2 with new features and updated designs


Fitbit is the leader in the fitness tracker market, but that lead is shrinking with new players coming to the market all the time. So in an effort to combat the newcomers and provide the Fitbit faithful with exciting new products, the company has announced its newest fitness trackers: the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Fitbit Flex 2.

The Charge 2 is the successor to the popular Fitbit Charge HR and the Charge 2 builds upon the best features that were offered with its predecessor. The Charge 2 keeps the popular heart-rate monitor while adding a larger display and interchangeable bands. The display on the Charge 2 has been increased to a 1.5-inch touchscreen that not only allows for more information to be shown, but will also make things easier while interacting with the fitness tracker.

In addition to tracking your heart rate, the Charge 2 will also provide a personalized cardio fitness level and score based on variables that will be used. This will allow for the Charge 2 to help improve your score by suggesting new exercise frequencies and intensities.

The Flex 2 enters the market as the “first-ever swim-proof fitness wristband” as the tracker is water resistant up to 50 meters (~150 feet), making it easy to where the Flex 2 wherever you go. The Flex 2 also has seen its size reduced by 30% and features a “removable tracker” which can be used in any of the 7 different fitness bands. In addition to the fitness bands, Fitbit is introducing new bracelets or pendants to accessorize the Flex 2 and make sure you look your best while keeping track of every movement.

Although the Flex 2 does not feature a display, there is a series of LED’s on display that will notify you of various notifications including call and text notifications. The Flex 2 also will be geared towards matching your entire wardrobe with new bands, necklaces, and pendants.

Fitbit is expecting to release the Charge 2 and the Flex 2 in September and October, with pre-orders available today from Fitbit’s own website. As for pricing, the Charge 2 will be priced at $149.95 and will include a “classic fitness band in black, blue, plum or teal”. There will also be additional bands and that will become available with prices ranging from $29.95 for a replacement fitness band, all the way up to $179.95 for a special edition series band which will come in either gunmetal or rose gold.

The Flex 2 will be priced at $99.95 and will also include a classic fitness band, but will come in either black, lavender, magenta, or navy. The Flex 2 will also include additional bands ranging from the classic fitness bands for $14.95 all the way up various Bangle and Pendant accessories that will be priced at $99.95.



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