Google Wallet’s new cash out feature automatically transfers your balance to the bank


It’s been awhile since we saw any big changes to Google Wallet, not since Google broke away its tap-to-pay functionality into an entirely separate app (Android Pay). In an effort to get more people on board with sending/receiving money through Google Wallet — and away from competing services like Square Cash or PayPal — Google is rolling out an update that takes away a big pain point when it comes to using it: cashing out.

Normally, whenever you receive money, you have to manually transfers those funds to your bank. Those that use this sort of thing a lot know that sometimes you forget, or you just wait until you build up a larger chunk of funds before transferring it over. In the latest update, Google will give you the option of doing that automatically, whenever funds are added to Wallet no matter how big or small. While transfers take place automatically, it doesn’t mean they’re deposited into your bank account instantly. That process still can take several business days depending on your bank, but at least it’s one less thing to worry about.

You’ll notice the feature was added to the “What’s New” changelog in the app’s listing, but according to TechCrunch, wont start rolling out until next week.

Download on Google Play: Google Wallet

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