Here’s Google’s app streaming in all its glory [VIDEO]


App streaming is a feature that was announced last year to allow users to quickly jump into, and test out, applications without downloading anything. This could mean for games, or apps like Hotels Tonight which was featured at the launch of app streaming.

Yesterday, Google announced that we would be able to play solitaire or tic-tac-toe from within the Chrome browser, without needing to download anything else. So while trying this feature out, Google populated a few suggested apps to download. While scrolling through trying to find the game from Google, a user on Reddit, and confirmed by myself and other users, found a little button that says “try now”.

Upon tapping this, we were thrown into a game of Solitaire from Brainium Studios loaded up and was able to be played without ever downloading anything extra onto our devices. Of course, we could just play Google’s game which was added to the search results, but it’s still awesome to be able to try new things out. Hopefully, this feature continues to expand and include more apps and games in the near future.

[Google Drive | via Reddit]


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