Google’s tech support app for Nexus, Android One, and GPe devices is officially shutting down


It’s been almost 2 years since Google’s Device Assist application hit the Google Play Store. For those that don’t remember (or never bothered to download), the app was provided tech support to Nexus, Google Play Edition, and Android One users running Lollipop by providing them with “tips and proactive troubleshooting.” It seems like they meant well enough and whether it was because of low use or something else, the app has recently been removed from the Google Play Store.

The only way you can find it now is if you downloaded it already, but new users hoping to find helpful Android tips or exploring new features of their Google devices will have to look elsewhere as the app is no longer providing any tips. Instead, the app asks users to hit up their Google Tips page at for any Android help they might need.

We’re not sure if anyone will miss it, but we figured you should in case you were looking to recommend the app to a friend or loved one who isn’t well-versed in technology.

Download on Google Play: Device Assist

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