We could see Google Assistant and the Nexus Launcher with the Android Nougat MR1 release


When Google dropped the Android 7.0 Nougat bombshell on everyone yesterday, many were scrambling to see if Google Assistant, Allo, and the Nexus Launcher were included. To everyone’s dismay they weren’t, which left all of us wondering when we’re going to see the official launch of some much anticipated software additions.

According to Nate Benis, the man behind the Pure Nexus ROM, discovered that the version of Android Nougat released yesterday does not match up with the leaked build for the upcoming Nexus Marlin. This suggests that Google is planning on implementing more features in the future, and may be holding off on releasing the Nexus Launcher and Google Assistant until the first Maintenance Release which is due next month as part of a developer preview.

Current version of Android N that is being pushed to nexus devices is based on developer preview 5 and does not have any of the “proprietary features android police and myself have been leaking” expect a developer preview of mr1 with these changes soon

It’s possible that we may see the release of Google Assistant (with Allo) and the Nexus Launcher next month, but it’s more plausible that we’ll have to wait until the release of the 2016 Nexus devices. We’ll just have to keep waiting impatiently for Google to give us all the goods.

[XDA Developers via XDA]


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