LG highlights the audio prowess of the LG V20 in new teaser


The LG V20 is slated to be shown off early next month, but LG is already starting the hype machine. They have released a new teaser poster for the device that showcases the audio features. The poster includes an image of the phone on top of a microphone stand and the phrase “hear, see and more.”

We already know that the LG V20 will have 32-bit HiFi Quad Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), which is a first for a smartphone. Obviously, audio is a big focus for this device. The V10 had a single DAC, which was already a big bump above the competition. The V20 will blow everyone out of the park. Audiophiles will love the device, but will the average person care? Probably not so much.

LG V20 teaser

[via ZDNet]

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