Deal: Get 50% off any movie from Google Play Movies after signing up for Family Library


Back in May, Google announced a new feature that will allow up to 6 family members to share any app purchases made within the Google Play Store. The feature was officially launched in July and has made life much easier for those trying to share your favorite apps with family and friends, without the need of spending extra money.

Google Play Family Library Movie Deal

Image courtesy of Android Authority

In an effort to thank those who have already signed up, Google began a promotion that would take 50% off any movie rental from Google Play Movies. Users must already be signed up for Family Library in order to take advantage of this pretty awesome promo. It also seems that this deal isn’t readily available if you are part of the program as it requires an email code to be used.

This offer lasts until August 31st, so if you’re already a member of Google Play Family Library, exercise a bit of patience. If you haven’t signed up yet, but want to get in on the fun, be sure to check out Phandroid’s full guide to getting your Google Play Family Library set up and all your members on the same page.

[via Android Authority]


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