Samsung may have some quality control issues with the Galaxy Note 7


Samsung hopefuls have started receiving their Galaxy Note 7‘s but things may not be all roses and daisies. A user on Reddit has already been through three different units already due to various issues.

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The first problem arose when he noticed scuffing underneath the glass, and the second/third units had some screen separation issues. Additionally, the first unit came with a loose button, which caused even more concern before the unit was sent back.

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Image courtesy of Reddit

According to the user, he has come across multiple forum threads on where other users describe similar issues with the Galaxy S7 Edge, which is definitely cause for some concern. Samsung is known for having some quality control issues, especially after the issues that came about in regards to the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 5 which would get stuck when inserted the wrong way.

After much documentation, Samsung released a new version that would not allow for the S Pen to get stuck, but that didn’t mean that there were still some worries when the Note 7 was released. It seems that Samsung has fixed that issue, but with a device that costs between $850 – $900, it’s a little disconcerting to see these issues from a company as large as Samsung.

We’ll have to see if these issues continue to arise with various users, but let’s hope this is just a blip on the radar and doesn’t turn into another “-GATE” fiasco. Let us know in the comments below if you have run into similar issues now that the Note 7 is arriving to those who pre-ordered the device. If you’re still waiting for your new device to hit your doorstep, be sure to check out Phandroid’s top tips & tricks and the first things you should do once the device has arrived.

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