Sprint joins in on bringing unlimited data back to everyone with Unlimited Freedom


Earlier today, T-Mobile announced Uncarrier 12, which brings truly unlimited data back to customers. Not to be outdone, Sprint has unveiled its own unlimited data plan, which actually is $20 cheaper than what’s being offered by T-Mobile. In fact, this new plan makes it the best option out of all four major carriers in the United States when looking at the chart below. UnlimitedFreedom_FINAL_Highres

Looking at the plan breakdowns, Sprint’s new Unlimited Freedom plan will offer two lines of unlimited data per month for just $100. Broken down, the first line will cost $60 per month, with the second line costing only $40 per month. Included in Unlimited Freedom is unlimited text, talk and “high speed data”,  with “unlimited optimized streaming videos, gaming & music.”

Here are some highlights of the new Unlimited Freedom plan from Sprint which begins tomorrow, August 19th:

  • Unlimited talk, text and optimized streaming video, gaming and music
  • Unlimited nationwide 4G LTE data for most everything else
  • Just $60 a month for one line
  • $40 a month for a second line
  • $30 a month each for lines 3-10

When we dive a bit deeper, the “optimized streaming” is the biggest question mark here. With T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 12, the company will be limiting video quality to just 480p but subscribers can unlock 4K streaming for an extra $25 per month. In the press release from Sprint, the carrier will also be offering 480p resolution streaming, but don’t offer a way to unlock higher resolution video streaming off the bat.

It’s not surprising that Sprint is following suit so quickly after T-Mobile, as it tries to climb its way out of the #4 hole, but that may not matter in the future. Rumblings and rumors started kicking up in regards to a Sprint and T-Mobile merger, which has already been attempted but failed due to complaints from the FCC and Justice Department.


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