Businesses can now send you ads on Facebook Messenger


Facebook just made a key change to their Messenger Bots policy that could allow businesses to send you ads. The change comes from a need to define the way Messenger Bots can contact a customer and with which types of content.

The rule changes include the ability for a business to send promotional and marketing material to a user within 24 hours of contact. Of course, the user has to first contact the business, so you won’t get random ads from Walmart about Rollback prices or anything. Businesses can send stuff to you after that window of time, but only if it’s a template message such as a receipt or confirmation number.

messenger bots ads

Furthermore, new use cases in the Subscription Bots category can be used for users who want to subscribe to bots for regular messages, such as automatic news alerts or a bot that can remind you to do something.

messenger bots alerts

We’re sure advertising has always been the next natural step for Messenger Bots, and we’re glad to see that Facebook is managing it in a way that ensures users won’t be spammed with irrelevant or unwanted content. And if nothing else, you can simply choose to not use the bots at all.

[via Facebook]

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