Samsung promises Nougat for the Galaxy Note 7 2-3 months after launch


With it being one of the hottest launches of the 2nd half of 2016, it was sad to learn that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 wouldn’t have the newly-baked Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. But surely Samsung won’t be dragging their feet on bringing it for their hot new device, right?

Well, it depends on your definition of feet dragging. The company says they’re committed to getting Nougat onto the device within 2 to 3 months. That’s not some bold declaration as that’s the standard expectation for a flagship device these days.

Android Nougat

Samsung says that while they’d love to be faster on the updates, what’s most important to them is ensuring a consistent, stable, and seamless experience for customers. As such, they’ll go through beta periods — as they have for previous devices — to take user feedback and shape the update based on that.

Now, before expectations the world start flaring up, there’s one thing to note: Samsung’s update expectations (in terms of major OS upgrades, at least) only ever apply to their unlocked, unbranded models. If you got your phone through a carrier, then that 2-3 months may become half a year with all the “testing” those carriers have to do. Some are good about getting the update out not longer after Samsung does, but it’s never a guarantee, so keep those expectations in mind when you start thinking about the future of your new device once it lands on your doorstep August 19th.

[via Korea Herald]

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