People complained about the ZTE Axon 7’s locked bootloader, so ZTE righted their wrong


Well, you don’t see this everyday. ZTE fans all over the place displayed a roar of disappointment when they found out that the bootloader on the ZTE Axon 7 wouldn’t be user-unlockable. That’s a common and valid complaint from the crowd who likes to tinker.

Often times, these petitions and movements don’t net much of a response, but ZTE has decided to become one of the few companies who listens. Not only have they gone back and decided that they would let users unlock the ZTE Axon 7’s bootloader, but the same is true for the ZTE Axon Pro, as well.

Naturally, there are a couple of restrictions:

  • You’ll have to sign up at ZTE’s forums and request the service.
  • Your warranty will be voided if you go through with it.

The first point isn’t all that concerning, but that second one is sure to make a few of you take a step back. ZTE is not wrong in their policy, though. If you unlock a device’s bootloader, you are potentially doing something with it that could break the phone. And if you break a phone due to your own actions, it’s on you.

It’s a liability thing more than anything. Don’t like it? Don’t unlock it, wait for a community-made solution, or go with another phone. The choices are always yours to make.

[via ZTE]

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