ASUS could be prepping their first circular smartwatch


It seems ASUS is finally looking to get with the times. The company has had a wearable pass through the FCC, and its FCC label image is really revealing: it’s round. That’s not notable among the sea of circular smartwatches available today, but for ASUS, it would be a first.

asus zenwatch 3 fcc

To date, ASUS has played it safe in the Android Wear game, with the company opting to offer affordable devices that, well, aren’t far outside the realm of ordinary. Despite being on the boring side, the affordability made it easier for those with lower budgets to experience the world of smartwatches.

The question is whether that philosophy willl remain for round 2. Round smartwatches typically come with premium price tags, but it’s possible ASUS could be looking to break that trend. After all, affordability is the strategy that dominates the entirety of their mobile efforts these days.

ASUS usually has a lot to say at IFA Berlin, a trade event that goes down September 2nd. Circle that date and swing back around to Phandroid as we’ll be keeping an eye out for any news regarding this thing.

[via AUSDroid]

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